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PERX Marketing delivers thousands of new customers during our most critical financial period every year, where other campaigns are inconsistent or hard to attribute. Most of this new business is delivered at less than half our target cost of acquisition. PERX Marketing has been critical to my success with our flagship products, and makes my life easier.

David W, Senior PMM
Financial Services Vertical

The campaign outperformed our direct mail channel, and added significant lift to our lunch business in markets that were underperforming before. With so much competition for lunch, putting our offers directly on the phones of ideal prospects at lunchtime who worked within a couple minutes of our restaurants made all the difference.

Judy K, District Marketing Director
Restaurant/QSR Vertical

PERX Marketing is an absolutely obvious choice for us, as they can target precisely the people we want to reach and engage. They give us qualified views to deliver a spike of activity and an impressive longtail after the campaign ends. We like the consultative approach that considers our specific Objectives and KPIs, and builds the campaign media mix just for us.

Adrian B, Director of Product Marketing
Travel Services Vertical

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